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  • What are the steps to using the automatic car wash?
    Instructions: Insert payment and select wash package. Once transaction is complete, the green enter light with flash. Turn off wipers, roll-up windows, close and lock sun/moon roofs, and leave side mirrors open. Enter slowly through the rocker panel blasters and center the vehicle between the machine using the yellow guide rail on the ground. Continue to enter slowly until the vehicle's front right tire reaches the metal plate and buzzer will sound off. Once buzzer sounds off, place the vehicle in park and the wash will begin. Remain in vehicle while washing cycle is in operation. When the wash is complete, the buzzer will sound off again and the red exit light will flash. Exit slowly through the blowers. DO NOT REVERSE. Reversing may deactivate the wash for the next customer. Have a nice day and please come again. Use the car wash at your own risk. Before entering please remove any loose items or debris from truck bed. Please read posted signs before using the car wash.
  • The car wash is closed. How long should I wait to visit again?
    We perform routine maintenance and repair on the automatic car wash every 3-4 weeks. We do this to ensure that it is operating properly making it not only CLEAN, but SAFE for customers to use. Maintenance normally takes an estimated time of 4 hours, please come back later and enjoy the wash.
  • The car wash kiosk is frozen or says, "Wash Out of Service" What should I do?
    Please contact us at 671-646-5555 for assistance.
  • The machine did not complete the wash package selected. What are some of the reasons that may cause this?
    When entering, drive in slowly through the rocker panel blasters centering the vehicle between the yellow guide rails on the ground. The wash will not activate until the metal plate on the right-hand side senses the vehicle. Once it makes contact with the metal plate, the buzzer will sound off, and the wash will begin. Remember, when entering and exiting, DO NOT reverse as the wash may deactivate. In other instances, as a precautionary measure, the wash will not activate if the vehicle is driven onto the yellow guide rail.
  • What is the difference between the four wash packages?
    We offer four wash packages to select from Express, Deluxe, Supreme, then Ultimate Wash Package. Two or more cycles are added to each package. Our wash packages are posted at the site for customers to view. See package breakdown below: EXPRESS Rocker Panel Blasters Foamy Bath Soft Touch SINGLE PASS Wash Spot Free Rinse Super Dry DELUXE Rocker Panel Blasters Foamy Bath Soft Touch SINGLE PASS Wash Spot Free Rinse Super Dry (ADD-ON: Chemical Tire Applicator) (ADD-ON: Undercarriage Wash) SUPREME Rocker Panel Blasters Foamy Bath (ADD-ON: Soft Touch DOUBLE PASS Wash) (ADD-ON: Clear Coat Foaming Protectant) Spot Free Rinse Super Dry Chemical Tire Applicator Undercarriage Wash ULTIMATE Rocker Panel Blasters Foamy Bath (ADD-ON: TRIPLE FOAM POLISH) (ADD-ON: High Pressure Tire & Wheel Cleaner) (ADD-ON: Bumper Blaster) Soft Touch DOUBLE PASS Wash Clear Coat Foaming Protectant Spot Free Rinse Super Dry Chemical Tire Applicator Undercarriage Wash
  • How can I sign up for the Unlimited Wash Plan?
    Signing up for our Unlimited Wash Plan is simple and easy. Follow these steps to sign-up today: Download the EverWash app on your Apple or Android device. Select Andersen Express Car Wash Select a Wash Plan Setup Payment Enter Promo Code, if available. Submit Payment Start using your Membership The EverWash Membership Program also offers multi-vehicle or family plans.
  • Having issues setting up or making changes to your EverWash account?
    Please contact EverWash 24/7 support hotline at 1-215-618-8808 or email
  • How can I cancel or put my EverWash membership on hold?
    Members can cancel or freeze their account anytime by visiting the account settings page. If you require assistance, please send an email to or call 1-215-618-8808.
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