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Self-Serve Car Wash

We operate and maintain three self-serve car wash facilities, with locations in Guam and Hawaii. Each location offers 3-6 vacuum stations for customer use.

How to Use

Insert Payment

Guam: Cash or Credit Card Accepted.

Hawaii: Credit Card Only

Select Options

Select wash options from the menu selector. Allow each chemical to dispense for 1-2 minutes.

End Transaction

Make sure to press "end transaction" for credit card payments on the terminal to avoid overcharges. The unit will automatically power off for cash payments.

Please be aware that the credit card terminal will pre-authorize an amount, which will be adjusted and posted only after it is settled with your bank. This process may take up to 2-3 days. Kindly keep this in mind while making your payment.


  • The car wash is closed. How long until I visit again?
    We perform routine maintenance and repair on the automatic car wash every 3-4 weeks. We do this to ensure that it is operating properly making it not only CLEAN, but SAFE for customers to use. Maintenance normally takes an estimated time of 4 hours or less, please come back later and enjoy the wash.
  • The car wash kiosk is frozen, nothing is displayed, or says, "Wash Out of Service." What should I do?
    Please contact us at 671-646-5555 for assistance.
  • The machine did not complete the wash package selected. What are some of the reasons that may cause this?
    When entering, drive in slowly through the rocker panel blasters centering the vehicle between the yellow guide rails or the machine. The wash will not activate until it detects a vehicle is in position. Once it detects a buzzer horn will sound off and, the wash will begin. Remember, when entering and exiting, DO NOT reverse. Reversing may cause the wash to deactivate. In other instances, as a precautionary measure, the wash will not activate if the vehicle is on the yellow guide rail, for some locations.
  • How can I sign up for the Unlimited Wash Plan?
    Signing up for our Unlimited Wash Plan is simple and easy. Follow these steps to sign-up today: Download the EverWash app on your Apple or Android device. Select Location Select a Wash Plan Setup Payment Enter Promo Code, if available. Submit Payment Start using your Membership The EverWash Membership Program also offers multi-vehicle or family plans.
  • Are you experiencing issues with your EverWash account, scanning the QR Code, or want to cancel or place your EverWash account on hold? Here is what to do.
    Please contact EverWash 24/7 support hotline at 1-215-618-8808 or email
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